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simple and extensible NNTP server
Papercut is a simple NNTP server. Its main objective is to integrate existing
web based message board software with an Usenet front-end.
However, using Python, new article containers can be added to store and
retrieve messages from various source and formats.
This package contains the following storage classes:
- Phorum web bulletin board (on MySQL or PostgreSQL),
- phpBB web bulletin board,
- PHPNuke/NukeBB web bulletin board,
- proxying another NNTP server,
- simple MySQL database,
- maildirs,
- mboxes.
Please note that Papercut is only a NNTP server, not a full-featured news
transport system. It does not handle newsfeeding or other usual news
software features.
Homepage: http://pessoal.org/papercut/
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